1950-11-02 The Deadly Wolf

The Deadly Wolf is a repeated program of Lady Killer. The details of that episode are at  https://bluenotebulletin.blogspot.com/2020/01/1947-07-10-lady-killer.html

ADC continuity notes...
When handsome Oswald Vinton strikes up a conversation with Clarissa Mellish, a rich and bored divorcee, she is definitely intrigued. So Oswald buys her a coupl of drinks, takes her driving and strangles her to death. Casey and Ann are sent to cover the case. They discover that from the description given by the hotel people, Vinton is known by other names to the police as a klller with a long record of murdering rich women, then looting their apartments. The scene shifts to another resort where Jane Kitchener is Vinton (under an assumed name) next intended victim. The hotel manager recognizes him and calls the police. However, by the time they arrive, Vinton has disappeared. With Jane's help Casey sets the trap, which, after an exciting sequence of events, springs the mystery of "The Deadly Wolf."
The character names were changed. Lady Killer's Madeleine became Clarissa Mellish; Cecil Gramatan became Oswald Vinton; Clara Simmons was changed to Jane Kitchener. 

An AFRS disc of this episode (AFRS #60) was recently sold on eBay, and it is hoped that a recording of it is available sometime in the future.