1950-03-02 Bad Little Babe

Bad Little Babe has its flaws, but once you ignore or accept certain aspects of the plot, it is an entertaining story of misjudgment on the parts of Casey and Ann that turns into redemption and the best kind of revenge and justice.

ADC continuity notes...
Casey receives a mysterious phone call telling him to not leave his apartment or he will be killed... At first he thinks this is a gag but after successfully dodging a few close bullets, he is willing to believe otherwise. Casey's investigation reveals a flourishing game of blackmail - a suicide - and he runs into a gal who he believes is a part of this whole frame, but who, he later learns, is responsible for saving his life.

Once you accept or ignore the low likelihood that a 19-year-old woman can create and sustain a months-long scheme to take down an underworld figure, the story works. It's not that the gangsters can't be outsmarted by a 19-year-old, it's just that she would likely be silenced or found out in some manner before it could play out. It's hard to fathom that anyone, no matter their age, would be able to carry out the scheme without slipping up somewhere. Even the best undercover agents can slip up. Remember: Casey's a comic book, and things that are somewhat implausible are always possible. It's just that this is wildly implausible. Ignore it and enjoy the episode.

0:52 Casey gets the call that his life is in danger and he should not go to the parking lot to go to his car. He calls Logan, who arrives with other police to surveil Casey as he walks to his car.

4:26 The shooting starts, but Casey's okay; the gunmen are killed, but Casey does not recognize them.

When there's a lot of characters, it's often one of Cole's better stories; they might be hard to keep track of...
- Joe Kirby, gangster
- Sam Alberts, the gangster that Kirby likely killed (no lines)
- Sandra Lampson, girlfriend of Joe Kirby; she's a late judge's daughter, whom Casey has known most of her life; 6:30 Ann refers to her as a "bad little babe." The judge committed suicide by crashing his car.
- Emma Humphreys is Kirby's prior girlfriend, likely jealous of Sandra and angry at Kirby; Casey thinks Emma is the person who warned him (we thought the character had lines, but as the story moves on, we know she didn't.
- Sandra Lent is the person with whom Kirby was having dinner, his alibi for the Humphries shooting (no lines)
- Lou, a gangster who works for Kirby, gives Casey a tip, but actually leads Casey into a trap

8:20 Burke calls Casey at the Blue Note that Emma Humphreys was killed; 9:10 Logan thinks Emma was the one who tipped Casey, and Kirby had her killed in revenge for ruining his plot to kill Casey.

11:18 Kirby tells Casey he's marrying Sandra Lampson; Casey starts to scuffle with him over the idea, stopped by Logan.

12:42 Casey makes a "date" with Sandra Lampson at the home where her father lived and she grew up. There is important dialogue is where she tells Casey where to sit... he realizes the she bugged the room for Kirby, and then he gives her and Kirby an earful!

15:50 Casey is carrying a gun to protect himself, at Logan's insistence.

16:25 A gangster calls Casey at the Blue Note. Casey leaves to talk to "Lou," who is upset that Kirby and Sandra Lampson killed Emma Humphreys.

Casey and Lou climb into Sandra Lampson's bedroom to find the gun she is hiding. The gun is exactly where Lou said it was "wrapped in a nighty."

20:30 It's a trap! Kirby and Sandra step out from a closet, and Lou is part of the trap! She says she planned the trap. She calls Casey "a chump" and her shooting him would be covered by claiming Casey broke into the apartment.

21:35 She says that Kirby trusted her fully when he heard the tape recording of Casey. Lou admits he killed Emma.

22:13 Sandra turns on the thugs! She explains her long-executed hoax to trap Kirby. Her father wrote a letter to her before his suicide that Kirby had been blackmailing him. Casey says Sandra is "one swell little babe."

23:50 Gibson stumbles over dialogue and it's perfectly natural.

The AFRS closing is music after the Blue Note epilogue and then "This adventure of Crime Photographer starring Staat [sic] Cotsworth as Casey, came to you through the worldwide facilities of the United States Armed Forces Radio Service, the voice of information and education."

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