1948-03-11 Fog

Fog seems all set to be a run of the mill program with a tired plot, weak dialogue, and poor direction. Then it redeems itself and turns for the better with and interesting twist and a romantic moment in the Blue Note epilogue. Wade through the first 17 minutes for the details of the plot: it's worth the wait.

Sometimes this episodes circulates as "The Fog" but the title based on ADC's notes is just the single word "Fog."

ADC continuity notes...
Ann Williams receives an anonymous letter telling her that an important news story is about to break at the estate of fabulously wealthy Willis J. Baldwin. A ball is to be held there late in the evening at which Mrs. Baldwin will wear her famous diamond necklace. The letter undoubtedly is a tip that someone is going to steal the diamonds. Casey and Ann crash the party with the excuse that they are doing a publicity job of the elaborate affair. It's a damp, dismal and foggy night. Casey recognized the butler as someone he's met before. The dinner guests include a French Count, Mrs. Baldwin's personal bodyguard, and Mr. & Mrs. Baldwin. The group adjourns to the living room for cocktails, when suddenly the lights go out. After much confusion, electricity is restored and Mrs. Baldwin realizes that her diamond necklace (which had been placed in a jewel box, on the table) is missing. Casey suddenly remembers where he'd seen the butler before - the butler is a big-time jewel thief who Casey had interviewed upon his release from prison. However, Casey feels certain that the butler has also recognized him, therefore, be wouldn't take the chance of lifting the diamond with Casey present. Casey's deduction is that someone else, knowing the Butler's past history, has stolen the diamonds knowing that the Butler would be blamed for it. Later the butler is found murdered. Casey begins to work fast and brings to light some startling events, leading up to the capture of the [ADC's final words are cut off on the copy of the document]

There is an error in the description: it was Ann who did the interview, not Casey.

The script was re-used from 1944-09-26 Anonymous Letter.

1:47 A funny moment in the running gag with Walter opens the show. Ethelbert starts to yell down to Walter to bring up some more lemons. But Casey finishes the sentence by almost screaming "more lemons" much louder than Ethelbert did, to the befuddlement of the bartender. No dialogue for Walter here... he gets some later...

3:30 Ethelbert says the diamond necklace is worth "a million bucks," which is $12 million in 2020 US dollars.

3:40 Casey wonders why the letter was sent to Ann. "This kind of tip is seldom sent to a gal reporter," he says. Today, he would have ended up with a broken jaw after that comment, but it turns out that something Ann knows first hand from her reporting will be used by the perpetrator of this episode's attempted crime.

5:15 Casey wonders again why the letter was sent to Ann.

5:40 Casey's driving in the fog, and the fog horn at McBerney's Point can be heard. At 8:06, Mrs. Baldwin asks to close a door so the fog won't come it. It the listener doesn't know by now that fog plays a role in the story, there's no hope for them. So Cole mentions it again at 10:58.

6:24 Cough from the audience. It obviously can't be explained away in the scene, because Casey and Ann are in their car. Another one at 7:23.

8:10 Ann recognizes the butler, Fleming. He is new, not much experience, according to Mrs. Baldwin. Who hired him? Why?

11:10 The lights go out! They always seem to go out during a party when someone is wearing expensive uninsured diamonds. So of course, the diamonds are missing. Note the sound effect used for the lights going out... we learn it was not a light switch, it was a short circuit.

10:37 Ann recognizes the butler as Chris Masters, notorious jewel thief (seriously, does someone really use the word "notorious" in an excited utterance?... the weak dialogue is clumsily delivered here) and he gets away by jumping through the window (for once, the sound effects are better than the dialogue describing his jump and escape). He disappears into the fog, as one of the characters mentioned, in case you didn't know it's a foggy night already. Mrs. Baldwin is way too calm.

12:00 Casey's not all that excited about what just happened which makes Ann very confused. Masters did not get the diamonds. There was no switch for the lights, a cord was cut. Casey asks to go outside: he knows something and still has not told Ann what it is. He says he now knows why Ann was contacted with the tip, and not another reporter.

14:14 They're outside in the fog, and we hear the foghorn. Casey says he recognized Masters right from the beginning. Someone at the party realized Masters was at the party, planning to steal the diamonds. So they figured that they would steal the diamonds and Masters would get the blame. Ann was there as part of the plot because they knew she would spot him, for all to hear, as she had written a story about Masters "several years ago."

17:35 A surprise in the story that redeems the entire episode from being a tired plotline with sub-par writing and direction. When the lights went out, Casey grabbed the diamonds so they wouldn't be stolen! At 17:50 this gets a light laugh from some of the audience.

19:01 They hear gunshots in the distance... Tim has shot Masters. His clothes pockets were all ripped by someone searching for the diamonds. Masters was strangled, not shot. Tim was shooting at the person who killed Masters but did not realize it.

There is much confusion around what's happened, much finger-pointing about who did what.

21:35 Mr. Baldwin slips and says "Chris Masters"... incriminating himself to arrange the theft of the diamonds. One of Tim's shots nicked Baldwin's coat sleeve.

22:45 Tim tries to restrain Baldwin after Casey tells him to look for the diamonds in Baldwin's pockets. In the struggle, Casey slips the diamonds into his pocket. Ann says he framed him, but Casey says it's okay because Baldwin attempted to frame the Count, and now the person who actually committed the crime will be charged with it.

25:10 In the epilogue at the Blue Note, we learn Baldwin confessed to the police. Casey was lucky, because what he did would never have held up in court. Baldwin needed the money because of bad stock transactions, and thought if it was "stolen" he could fence the diamonds for the money he needed. He felt this was his best option because he knew his wife would never agree to selling it, and he also did not want to admit the financial quandary he caused for himself. Baldwin thought his wife was in love with the Count, and that's why he wanted to frame him. We also learn that police investigation showed Baldwin was not the most faithful of husbands.

26:25 One of the more romantic scenes in the series occurs next. After the banter about the evening's incident, Ann says "The fog is entirely gone... it's a nice night to be outside... what are we doing here?... we're going Casey." They've already left the Blue Note by the time Ethelbert gets back from answering the phone. Ethelbert yells to Walter "Where did Casey and Miss Williams go?" Walter yells back "Out!" Ethelbert asks "Out?" and Walter replies again "Out!" Frustrated, Ethelbert says to Walter "bring up some more lemons!"

Cole seems to be turning on the romance spigot the past couple of episodes... it is possible he was thinking that the end of the A-H sponsorship would mean the end of the series and wanted to leave listeners with a warm sense that Casey and Ann's relationship ends up happily ever after.

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