1947-02-20 The Twenty-Minute Alibi

Twenty-Minute Alibi is one of the better Casey episodes.

ADC continuity notes
A man calls up his insurance agent... It is just five minutes before his life insurance policy is to elapse for nonpayment of the premium. He sounds desperate, asks for more time for payment --- The agent refuses it. The man says "But the policy is still good, isn't it?" The agent says yes -- suddenly a shot at the other end of the line head. And that's the end of the insured man. The police call it an obvious case of suicide, Casey thinks differently. He brings in the man's estranged wife - his secretary and any number of other women. There is also his father-in-law who makes no bones about describing the dead man as a scoundrel. The plot quickens. They all have alibis - almost perfect alibis. Casey spots the alibi that is not completely perfect and the murderer is exposed.

A problem with the pay phone at the Blue Note leads to Casey getting a hunch about the log of outgoing calls kept by the hotel phone operator. The timing of the call by the victim means that the call Prescott made was not by him, but by someone imitating him from another location. (Why something this important was not in the ADC notes is beyond me! Perhaps because Cole did not write this script and someone else wrote the summary).

20:45 Walter makes another silent appearance, but we learn that he makes terrible coffee. This topic will come up again in the upcoming episode Laughing Killer.

24:27 The actor playing Mr. Lane, the father-in-law, botches the word "policy" and makes it seem natural.

This episode is written by Robert Sloane. He would also script episodes for CBS Forecast, Cavalcade of America, Fat Man, Inner Sanctum, Big Story, Radio Reader's Digest, and Life of Riley.

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