1947-08-28 Hide-Out

Hide-Out is not one of the series better entries, but is still an entertaining listen. Copies in circulation have disc scratch, rumble, and other noise. For that reason, there are two copies being posted, one of which has been processed to minimize these problems. There may be some small audio defects created in the effort to deal with the larger issues.

The title is intended to be hyphenated and not two separate words per Cole's notes.

Cotsworth is back from his one-week hiatus.

The episode relies on Casey's knowledge of local criminals and their associates.

ADC continuity notes...
Luke Davis, a notorious robber and killer is hiding out -- and the hiding place is costing him a pretty penny. Resentment towards the hide-out proprietor leads Luke Davis to commit murder. Then he and his moll, Doris, are forced to take refuge on short notice. Luke knows his way around so he anticipates no trouble and he has none at first. Casey covers the murder or the first hide-out proprietor. Evidence at the scene indicates the calling, of the proprietor and the identify of his murderer, But the dead man, known as Creepy Bliss, is only small fry in the hide-out business. It is obviously directed by somebody who is a big operator. Casey talks to "Barney" Rubin, operator of Barney's Bar. Barney, who has always helped the police and newspaper people, promises to help. His assistance is great indeed. Casey finds Luke Davis and his moll. And he finds the big operator of the hide-out racket. But the search is difficult and excitingly dangerous and Casey and Ann get themselves into several tight spots before they crack the case.

4:16 "Creepy" asks for $1,000 a week for use of the hide-out. That's not much for someone who stole $100,000, but it's still a lot of money. The 2020 adjusted prices are $12,000 and $1.2 million!

9:25 Capt. Logan says to Casey "That comedy, Casey, is strictly Joe Miller." He's referring to Casey making a bad joke. Joe Miller was a joke-teller, an early 1700s English actor. "Joe Miller's Jest Book" was published in 1739. The Wikipedia entry can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Miller_(actor)
with some additional background at http://www.elfinspell.com/JestBookMyIntro.html The book can be read online at http://www.gutenberg.org/files/20352/20352-h/20352-h.htm CBS Radio Workshop did a whole show about it on 1956-11-04 https://archive.org/details/OTRR_CBS_Radio_Workshop_Singles/CBS_Radio_Workshop_56-11-04_ep41_Colloquy_number_4_-_The_Joe_Miller_Joke_Book.mp3

16:00 Ethelbert reports something an acquaintance told him about one of Davis' habits. This is yet another case where Ethelbert's grapevine gives Casey an insight. In this case, it leads to Barney's Bar... and the realization that Barney is not as helpful a citizen as they thought, and is playing the police just as much as he is playing the criminals he is helping to hide. Casey figures a way to have Barney tip his hand and catch the Davises in the process.

25:50 Casey immobilizes Davis... and because it's radio... he supplies his own fight commentary. Radio is known for being a theater of the mind, but this kind of commentary during altercations and "you've got a gun" are weak points of the medium... but there are far more strong points which earn our deep affection for the medium and the era.

27:06  Grace says "good night" to Ethelbert, and he's not paying attention... but then he realizes it's Grace and he perks up. She leaves, forgetting her umbrella, Ethelbert calls to her, but she keeps walking. A few seconds later, she returns, drenched, and Ethelbert tells Walter to get the mop. Walter has no lines... again...

RadioGoldindex lists Joe Julian in the cast.

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1947-08-28 Cincinnati OH Enquirer
Casey, Crime Photographer - Page 3 1947-140

1947-08-28 Decatur IL Herald
Casey, Crime Photographer - Page 3 1947-141

1947-08-28 Mason City IA Globe-Gazette
This editor made the title one word in their show listings.
Casey, Crime Photographer - Page 3 1947-142